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A wildfire warning is in force in South Savo

It is not allowed to make an open fire. Danger of wildfires is pronounced due to soil dryness.

The Havurinne youth reception centre is a 7-bed child protection institution. The Havurinne youth reception centre offers round-the-clock emergency child welfare reception services, treatment and rehabilitation for young people, and investigates, assesses and provides support to young people placed in Havurinne and their families. Havurinne also has one emergency place.

Havurinne offers short-term placements for young people under the age of 18. Usually, the placement period is 1 – 5 months, the goal being that the child can then return home. A young person can arrive at Havurinne through urgent placement when undergoing an acute crisis or in a planned manner, the placement being implemented as an outpatient care support measure.

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Tuukkalantie 2
50500 Mikkeli

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