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Customer guidance for the elderly

Customer assistance and service coordination for the elderly is a free service intended for the elderly and their relatives. The goal of the service is to provide support to the elderly living independently and to find solutions to ensure that they can enjoy a smooth everyday life.

Customer assistance and service coordination for the elderly offers advice and guidance on services for the elderly provided by the wellbeing services county, private service providers, third sector, volunteers, and the church.

The service coordinator will create an individual service plan together with each client, setting out the services that best match the client’s life situation. If necessary, the service coordinator will make a service needs assessment of the client’s situation based on a home visit.

Do the following

If you need guidance and advice regarding services for the elderly, please contact customer guidance for the elderly. You can contact customer guidance for the elderly by phone or via the online chat, by submitting a non-urgent contact request or by filling out an evaluation form in the Omaolo service, available on the Eloisa website.

Contact information

Select your municipality from the drop-down menu to see the appropriate contact details.

For whom / what terms

The service is intended for the elderly, over 65 years old, and their relatives.

Background and legislation

Elderly people are offered guidance and counselling in the use of health care and social welfare services. The counsellors explain what services are available for elderly people at home and what services can be obtained outside the home. They provide guidance in applying for services and explain what the preconditions are for accessing them. If necessary, counselling on how one can apply for and combine different forms of financial support is also available.

Elderly people can receive counselling e.g. by phone or by visiting a service point. The service counsellors are permitted to make service-related decisions.