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A wildfire warning is in force in South Savo

It is not allowed to make an open fire. Danger of wildfires is pronounced due to soil dryness.

Rescue services in the South Savo

Please see more information about the rescue and security services of South Savo at (Finnish):

Rescue and security services

Rescue and security services are operated by the South Savo Wellbeing Services County. Our goal is to improve people's safety and reduce the amount of accidents.

We are responsible for accident prevention, rescue operations, contingency planning and civil protection.

In addition, we are also responsible for security services, such as risk management, within the wellbeing services county.

The safety and well-being of the residents, visitors, companies and other operators in the area is highly important to us. We carry out our work in accordance with our values: humanness, professionalism and reliability.

Rescue services

Rescue services are responsible for implementing urgent measures in the event of accidents or threats thereof. Our goal is to save and protect people, the environment and property, and to prevent further damage.

Rescue services include:

  • reception of emergency alerts
  • rescuing and protecting victims, the environment, and property from of accidents and incidents
  • extinguishing fires and limiting further damage
  • accident prevention and
  • warning the population.

    Accident prevention

    The goal of accident prevention is to reduce the number of accidents. In practice, this means taking measures to prevent accidents and improving people's skills so that they know what to do to reduce the damage caused by an accident.

Our accident prevention operations include:

  • providing guidance and advice to people, companies and communities
  • implementing versatile safety communication
  • carrying out safety training
  • performing fire inspections and fire investigation
  • monitoring compliance with the provisions of the Rescue Act and the obligations of the Chemical Safety Act
  • cooperating with other authorities, communities and organisations.

Supporting municipalities and other authorities in contingency planning and preparing for civil protection. Contingency planning aims to ensure that society's most important tasks are being handled as thoroughly as possible in security situations.

Security services

Security services are implemented in the South Savo Wellbeing Services County both within the information network and in physical locations. The goal of security services is to identify, prevent, react and counter safety risks to the organisation, personnel, customers and residents of the wellbeing services county, as well as to support recovery in the event of accidents, disruptions, and in exceptional circumstances.

Do the following

In the event of an accident or incident, please call 112.

What to do in an emergency:

  • Rescue.
  • Prevent further accidents.
  • Call 112.
  • Provide guidance.

Accident prevention is everyone's responsibility.

  • Identify any risk factors and plan in advance how you would act in an emergency.
  • Maintain your first aid skills.
  • Observe your operating environment and take into consideration any danger spots in its close proximity. Fix any security flaws immediately.
  • Keep your personal know-how, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishing equipment, insurance and home supplies in order.
  • Download the 112 application, through which you can both call for help and receive emergency warnings. When calling the emergency number, the emergency centre will be able to locate the caller and reach the correct location more easily. The application also contains important safety information.
  • Please find additional instructions on the emergency services website at

Contact information

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