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Medical social work

Medical social work aims to help and support patients and their families in major life changes produced by an illness or disability. Illness and disability can affect many different areas of a person’s life, such as the ability to work and function, livelihood and finances, social relationships and otherwise. Medical social work is implemented as part of integrative care. Medical social workers and social advisers work as part of a multiprofessional health care team.

Medical social work services carry out an individualised assessment of the client’s social situation with an emphasis on a wide-ranging evaluation, which is used as a basis for determining the best benefits and support options for each patient and their family.

Medical social work offers individual guidance and advice on health-based benefits and forms of financial support, support for coping in everyday life, and services promoting inclusion. In addition, the services also provide advice on a variety of available forms of support when a patient's ability to work or to function has been weakened. In certain situations, a patient may need help with matters related to housing, for example, or with organising support in otherwise difficult life situations. We also provide advice on applying for, initiating and coordinating benefits, services and other forms of support.

Medical social work provides support following a psychosocial approach. Speaking to a medical social worker or counsellor can help patients and their families find structure in a new life situation, as well as information about the available social support in their personal situation. Speaking about their situation can also help patients survive and cope.

In addition to the individual work done with patients, medical social work often includes cooperation with the patient's families, authorities and other entities that provide support. Medical social workers and counsellors can also help in the planning of a patient's integration and rehabilitation as members of a multiprofessional health care team. Medical social work is applied differently depending on the task of the care unit and the patient's age group.

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