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sulje tiedote
A wildfire warning is in force in South Savo

It is not allowed to make an open fire. Danger of wildfires is pronounced due to soil dryness.

Healthcare consultancy

You can get health-related advice at all well-being centre reception.
If necessary, the employees will help clients book an appointment with a…

Doctor’s and nurse’s appointment services 

Doctor’s and nurse’s appointment services are available at all well-being stations and centres in the wellbeing services county.

Imaging services

The imaging services provide imaging studies, such as X-ray examinations.

Services include

  • Basic X-ray examinations …

Medical social work

Medical social work aims to help and support patients and their families in major life changes produced by an illness or disability. Illness and …

Maternity services

Mikkeli’s obstetrical unit provides treatment in cases of pregnancy, child birth and to newborn babies. The obstetrical services can be accessed …

We can support you in different life situations

Read about our most common services by target group South Savo Wellbeing Services Area Eloisa produces, develops and organises social and health services for 133,000 thousand South Savo residents in 12 municipalities.