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Mediation account service

The purpose of the mediation account service is to help clients with their financial matters in accordance with a mediation account agreement.

A client's financial affairs may be handled entirely or partly by a social worker. The client’s daily expenses and financial matters are taken care of through the mediation account in accordance with a mediation account plan and agreement, which is drawn up together with the client.

The use of the mediation account service is generally voluntary for the client and agreements are temporary. If there is a risk that a client's income will not cover their essential needs, the service may apply for benefits from Kela directly without the client's consent.

When creating a mediation account agreement, it is important to evaluate and make a plan regarding the kind of services that would promote the client's financial management skills in such a way that they would no longer need the mediation account service in the future. It is important to take into account each client’s unique situation when making the mediation account agreement.

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Contact social services.

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For whom / what terms

This service is aimed at persons who need strong financial guidance and who are unable to take care of their financial matters themselves, but who are not entitled to guardianship services.

Background and legislation