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A wildfire warning is in force in South Savo

It is not allowed to make an open fire. Danger of wildfires is pronounced due to soil dryness.

Savonlinna Central Hospital offers treatment to patients in the South Savo Wellbeing Services County that need specialised care.

Patients are treated by specialist practitioners in the hospital’s outpatient clinics. Patients who need round-the-clock care are treated in the hospital’s wards.

Visiting details

Keskussairaalantie 6
57120 Savonlinna

Service location on the map

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Telephone services

Switch, Mo-Fri from 8 a.m. to 16 p.m.

+358 15 411 4100

Service hours

Mon 08:00–15:00

Mon–Fri 08:00–10:30

Mon–Fri 08:00–15:00

Mon 00:00–Sun 24:00

Mon–Thu 08:00–15:00
Fri 08:00–14:30

Mon–Thu 08:00–16:00
Fri 08:00–14:00

Services available at the service location